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Marina Cape's spa offers therapeutic and relaxing treatments that energize the body and senses and revive the spirit.


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What we offer

Enjoy luxury and comfort

Classic and exotic massages

Classic massage or selection of the wide range of exotic facial and body treatments.

Classic with grape seed oil

Milk with grape seed oil | 55.00 BGN >

Healing with lye oil

Healing massage with lye oil | 65.00 BGN >

Wrap with healing mud whole body

Wrap with healing mud whole body | 30.00 BGN >

This is just a small part of the rich palette of procedures you can do.


Velastype is the latest body sculpting technology that removes cellulite. This is the first and only safe, effective and painless non-surgical method of sculpting the body.

Velasep uses the revolutionary ELOS technology – a combination of bipolar radio frequency (RF), infrared light, vacuum and massage.

Clinical tests prove that as a result of Velastype, you can lose weight from 1 cm to 7.2 cm from the circumference of the hips and say goodbye to cellulite forever. The Velasep effect is long-lasting and has nothing to do with annoying diets and painful manipulations.

Ion detoxification

This revolutionary technology sounds like a laboratory, but it is actually a real regenerative procedure that clears the human body of harmful deposits in minutes:

Releases the body from heavy metals, fats, waste products from metabolism
Activates the functioning of cells and tissues and their ability to relax – a perfect "remedy" for stress, headaches and insomnia
Normalizes body weight. Restores the normal vitality and functionality of the human body by means that are both harmless and easy and do not require physical effort on your part.

We also have a sauna, steam bath, jacuzzi and relaxation room


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